My Birthday Song

My Birthday Song

Thriller (Psychological)


Rajiv Kaul, a successful ad-filmmaker, is celebrating his 40th birthday. Everything is as always: friends, food, wine, music. The only thing different is the absence of his wife and kids and the presence of a beautiful stranger, Sandy. Who is she? Why does she stare at him? Do they know each other from before?  A dangerous liaison ensues and throws Rajiv’s life upside down. Nothing is what it seems and there is no one who Rajiv can trust. Neither his wife nor his best friend, but most dangerously, not even himself.

Can Rajiv undo the past and save himself from the impending doom?

A series of twisted events blurs the fine line between past, present and future. Between what’s real and what may not be…



UK Asian Film Festival


   Sun 18 March, 8.30pm, London
   Wed 21 March, 8.15pm, Leicester



Newcastle International Film Festival


Fri 30 March, Newcastle



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Cast and Crew

Sanjay Suri , Nora Fatehi, Zenia Starr,
Ayaz Khan, Suparna Krishna, Sameer Sharma & Elena Kazan
Special Appearance: Purab Kohli & Pitobash
KAHWA Entertainment
Samir Soni
Sanjay Suri & Samir Soni
Associate Producer/s
Line Producer/s
Sisyphus Rocks Films (Ajay Govind & Vinay Kumar, Delhi) &
Mohan Joshi (Mumbai)
Supervising Producer/s
Devika Tandon Nair
Creative Producer/s
Ambika Suri
Samir Soni & Vrushali Telang ( Additional Screenplay )
Sandeep Sethy
First Assitant Director
Chakshu Arora & Shrikar Marur
Action Director
Aamar Shetty
Shubham Kasera
Other Credits
Legal Advisors: Gitika Agarwal (Neo Juris)
Tax Advisors & Consultants: Ahuja Suri & Tarneja
Production Design: Natasha Gauba
Digital Marketing: Studio Unees
Marketing: Abhishek Chatterjee, Pankhuri Badal & Srishty Agarwal
Samir Soni
Samir Soni
Additional Screenplay
Vrushali Telang
Samir Soni
Vrushali Telang ( Additional )
Raajeev.V. Bhalla, Ajay Govind & Nitin K Menon, Pawan Rasaily & Joi Barua
Background Score
Pawan Rasaily
Sound Design
Arun Nambiar
Ajay Govind, Joi Barua & Akshay K. Saxena
Visual Effects
Visual Effects Supervisor: Jishnu P. Dev (Corridor Studios)
Visual Effects Producer: Siddhesh Warre (Corridor Studios)
On Location Sound Mixer
Tanmaya Das
Supervising Sound Editor
Abhishek S Bhattathiri
Mixing Engineer
Sanil PK
Colorist: The Bridge (Sidharth Meer)
Sumit Purohit
Abhishek Sood (Additional Promos-team KAHWA)
Publicity Design
Marching Ants Pvt. Ltd
Publicity Stills
Bhavesh Bhati
Abdullah Usman
Graphic Design
Akshay Madan ( Additional Design )
Script Continuity and Supervisor
Tara Bhatnagar
Ambika Suri
Ambika Suri