Palme d'Or winner and Oscar nominated Shoplifters had its first preview screening in Mumbai. A few images from the preview. Movie releases 5th July 2019. Book on, Hosted by In2 Infotainment & Kahwa Entertainment. more

Sanjay Suri moderates a few sessions at the Knowledge Series 2018 at Film Bazaar ( NFDC ) , South Asia’s largest Co Production Market. more

My Birthday Song promotions went from colleges to Radio stations to meet n greet. The cast of My Birthday Song went to judge the drama competition at Mithibai College’s festival “Kshitij”; fashion show competition at Sydenham's YounTre' and SIES college and mono acting competition at ‘Jai Hind’s SHOUTT fest‘. Selfie with students to chatting to acting gyan all was a part of these visits. The cast also successfully promoted the movie through various concept videos on digital portals, meet n greet and radio stations. The movie was released… more

My Birthday Song rated 8.9/10 on IMDB and receiving critical acclaim all over. My Birthday Song is a psychological thriller written and directed by Samir Soni and produced by Sanjay Suri & Samir Soni.  It a perfect blend of thrills and twists. The movie released in India on 19th Jan 2018 is being appraised by Bollywood celebs, movie critiques and audiences being termed as intriguing, engaging, edgy, spooky etc. The movie is released by Raksha Enterprises. Reviews A Potpourri of… more

Intolerance is not new to Sanjay Suri, who tasted the bitter pill during the ethnic cleansing in Kashmir and says that what bothers him is that it still persists. “I have been a victim of intolerance of a different kind. During the entire ethnic cleansing in Kashmir, my father was killed and we had to eventually leave Kashmir,” the actor says. The actor spent 19 years of his life in Kashmir and was fond of nature and outdoor activities. As… more

It’s almost like a 4×100 meter Hurdle relay! A friend made a good film and now he is looking for someone to present his film. Someone who can hold his hands and lead his film to a successful release with or without investing funds into the release. His first crucial 300 meters of the race is over with solid determination, grit and confidence BUT now at the last stretch he is running out of breath because the first 300 meters… more