We haven’t made psychological thriller like My Birthday Song earlier in Hindi cinema says Sanjay Suri

We haven’t made psychological thriller like My Birthday Song earlier in Hindi cinema says Sanjay Suri


Actor and producer Sanjay Suri attended novelist Pankaj Dubey’s book launch named ‘Love Curry’ on Friday in Mumbai. During media interaction, Sanjay said that no one has made a psychological thriller in Hindi cinema like his upcoming film ‘My Birthday Song’.

It is called as ‘My Birthday Song’ so there is confusion about title of the film. I want to make clear that it’s a song but it’s also a film. It’s a psychological thriller and the problem with psychological thrillers is you can’t speak much about the film.”

Giving example about his film’s concept, Sanjay said, “Imagine if you are sleeping and in your dream, you plunk a flower and then that flower breaks your hand and you wake up but the flower is still in your hand so that’s pretty much world of the film. We have shot this film in Delhi. In the film, a character is celebrating his 40th birthday and during that time he witnesses certain situations where he gets confuse in his past, present and future. Our film’s tagline is ‘Jo Dikhta Hai Wo Hai Nahi’ and in life also, this happens with us. I feel it’s an entertaining and engaging film. In my knowledge, we haven’t made a psychological thriller like this earlier in Hindi cinema. It is releasing on January 19”

Talking about actor Samir Soni who has turned director with ‘My Birthday Song’, Suri said, “He not only directed but also written the film. I feel he has written very intelligent and entertaining script of this film. This film will not give you opportunity to leave your seat. It’s an independently produced film. Norah Fatehi and Pitobash (Tripathy) is working in the film. Music is composed by Ajay Govind and Nitin Krishna so it is very independent film in every aspect and I am releasing music of the film independently so it’s truly 100% independent film”.

My Birthday Song deals with a series of twisted events blurring the fine line between past, present and future — between what is real and what may not be.

It is produced by Sanjay Suri and Samir Soni and directed by Samir Soni. Apart from Sanjay, the movie features Nora Fatehi and Miss India-Australia Zenia Starr in lead roles.

It is releasing 19 January, 2018.

Credit: Bollywood Helpline