Interview By: Hasti Doshi

Sanjay Suri has done so many films ever since his debut, and every film just shows his versatility as an actor. His latest release, ‘My Birthday Song’ is a psychological thriller. We speak about this film and more. Read on-

How was the experience of working on this film? How did you get on board?
Sameer and I are friends from long back and we then had a chance to work together on Sanjay Gupta’s film ‘Alibaug’ and in that film we were playing friends and things went on to similar choices of films and roles, later there wasn’t any such film talks for long. After three years we met and he told me that he had some idea and will discuss it in his office and then he narrated the script to me. It sounded like a thriller sort of a film and usually every such script has some loopholes which I find. During this narration, it just went very smoothly. So then we decided, let’s do this together as he was having a very clear vision for directing the film. The vision was similar for us and I like what he has written and then the entire process of film started. We wanted to make a film which we would like to watch. It was a lovely experience working with him as he is very new as a director as he hasn’t ever tried.

The genre of the film is made very less; did that make you think twice on your decision?
That was an after-thought because as a story when I heard, it was engaging. As this is a sub-genre – a psychological thriller, there are many others like who’s done it, suspense thriller and various other sort of films.

Was it a conscious decision to produce and act for the same film?
There was no strategy behind it, it came naturally to us as let’s produce it and act. Let’s make this film independently the way we want it and we did it. I had luxury of freedom to make it. Earlier too, when I made film people said that don’t make it but still I did and then it travelled across and gained lot of love.

Did you give any insights and did being a producer and actor give you more liberty to give your views?

It’s collaborative work and democratic but at last it’s a director’s call and he decides what should be done. But he was very open to various options, views and suggestions. He wasn’t rigid.

How was it working with your co- actors?

Norah is a good actor. We did quite other auditions but she had that sense of sensuality and vulnerability that we needed. She was very new and others had done quite of work but she held on.

Your film is coming in the start of the year, what expectations you have from entire year ahead?

It’s a pretty good start I feel and overall it will be very positive. I am happy how our film is also winning hearts in the industry itself and that’s a positive response. I think content driven things will work more.

What are your future projects?

I am developing web series and reading few scripts and that’s what I am doing right now.

Credits : Super Cinema