My Birthday Song - Soundtrack by Kahwa Music featuring Various artists Released on: 12 Jan 2018 more

Acclaimed Indian Actor-Director NANDITA DAS talks about the importance of platforms for showcasing Independent films for a larger exposure. #Save Indie Cinema more

Featuring Zenia Starr , Zain Khan Durrani & Vineet Dhingra Vocalist: Vineet Dhingra Composer: Sourish Bhattacharjee Lyricist: Hari Shankar Sufi Mixing & Mastering: Prithvi Raj Sharma Director (Video): Ajay Govind Video Production by : Kahwa Entertainment more

SYNOPSIS Rajiv Kaul, a successful ad-filmmaker, is celebrating his 40th birthday. Everything is as always: friends, food, wine, music. The only thing different is the absence of his wife and kids and the presence of a beautiful stranger, Sandy. Who is she? Why does she stare at him? Do they know each other from before?  A dangerous liaison ensues and throws Rajiv’s life upside down. Nothing is what it seems and there is no one who Rajiv can trust. Neither… more

A KAHWA Production & Direction for Vineet Dhingra Music of “ISHQ MEIN SHAAMIL” Music Produced by Vineet Dhingra Music Music Video Produced & Directed by KAHWA Entertainment Featuring Rohit Khandelwal, Khatera Hakimi & Vineet Dhingra Credits: VOCALIST Vineet Dhingra MUSIC DIRECTOR Chirantan Bhatt LYRICIST Manoj Yadav PROGRAMMING Vinayak Manohar MIXING AND MASTERING Mark Fulgado COLOURIST- Prakash Joseph ART Natasha Gauba STYLING - Ambika Suri HEAD OF PRODUCTION (KAHWA) - Piyush Garg LINE PRODUCER - Dilip Borkar (Goa) 1st. AD - Tara Bhatnagar CASTING… more

SHAB is about lives of people who live on the edge of what society finds acceptable. It is about coming to terms with oneself and accepting other people as they are. The film is set in the cosmopolitan city of Delhi where people from all over the country come to fulfill their dreams. For some, these dreams are realized, while others remain in an endless pursuit of some elusive dream. Perhaps it is the hope of ultimately reaching that destination… more

Set in the dark hinterland of India where tradition and modernity collide precariously, Chauranga is inspired by a real incident. Fourteen-year-old Santu wants to go to school like his older brother Bajarangi. Their mother works as a maid at the mansion of the upper-caste village headman with whom she is having a dangerous, secret liaison. When Bajarangi comes home from boarding school on holiday, he exposes Santu to the dreams of city life. But Santu’s destiny was pre-written in a… more

Sanjay Suri’s “Chauranga” is releasing on Friday alongside “Wazir”, which features biggies like Amitabh Bachchan and Farhan Akhtar. But the actor-producer feels they have no competition, and says that both the films can co-exist at the box office. Asked if there’s any reason to worry with “Wazir” releasing on the same day, Sanjay told IANS: “It is great because it is a bigger film. We are not worried as every Friday there will be one film or the other. “We… more

Intolerance is not new to Sanjay Suri, who tasted the bitter pill during the ethnic cleansing in Kashmir and says that what bothers him is that it still persists. “I have been a victim of intolerance of a different kind. During the entire ethnic cleansing in Kashmir, my father was killed and we had to eventually leave Kashmir,” the actor says. The actor spent 19 years of his life in Kashmir and was fond of nature and outdoor activities. As… more

It’s almost like a 4×100 meter Hurdle relay! A friend made a good film and now he is looking for someone to present his film. Someone who can hold his hands and lead his film to a successful release with or without investing funds into the release. His first crucial 300 meters of the race is over with solid determination, grit and confidence BUT now at the last stretch he is running out of breath because the first 300 meters… more